Organic Tin Bubblegum Car Air Freshener

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Organic Tin Bubblegum Car Air Freshener 
Let us take you to the candy shop – Bubblegum is bouncy, bubbly, and bright. A scent of sweet nostalgia and good times, dressed in hot pink; Bubblegum is all about fun and spontaneity. Is this your vibe?

  • Organic Ingredients (Really? Bubblegum?? We know, hard to believe – but true!)
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Compact Tin design
  • Designed for personality, created with style

Weight: 42g
Length: 7cm(cap) 6cm(base)
Width: 6cm
Height: 4cm

Ingredients(Organic Compounds):

Benzyl acetate, Methyl-2- aminobenzoate, Ethyl butyrate, 2-Propenyl heptanoate, Methyl 2- hydroxybenzoate

Disposal: Completely empty tin containers can be recycled. Remove the contents inside and dispose of the filling in general waste. Although our Car Air Fresheners are made with Organic Ingredients it doesn’t necessarily mean that all organic ingredients are helpful to our environment (like adding salt to soil); so we ask to avoid emptying in drains/releasing to the environment and dispose of Tin and contents accordingly.


4 reviews for Organic Tin Bubblegum Car Air Freshener

  1. Holly Bevan

    Smells great! Will definitely be ordering more

  2. Limiese

    If you like fun and fresh smells, this one is for you! Lasts ages and people always compliment how my car smells!

  3. Laura Louise

    What can I say, this felt like a blast from the past, that bubble gum scent reminded me of fun childhood times, it smells great and this one has been the favourite scent for my younger travellers.

  4. Laura Louise

    What can I say, this felt like a blast from the past, a fun scent that brings you back to childhood fun.

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